PB-4 Firmware Updates

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UI Firmware Updates
Version Date Level Highlights Download
1.8 05/01/2017 1 Minor feature & bugfix release:
Stop move line tick labels having too many digits (again!).
Waveform display scaling can now be fixed.
Waveform display options now preserved within session.
Can now edit any move line without changing primary axis.
Width of spectrum "red region" reduced and it reduces further when zoomed in.
Misc minor bug fixes/tweaks.
1.7-1 17/12/2016 1 Minor feature & bugfix release:
Stop move line tick labels having too many digits.
Reduce density of move line tick labels when they overlap.
Now draws move lines on top of the points except when chart is being panned.
Date shown on printed polar chart is when the last point was captured.
Stop panning polar chart when mouse leaves chart.
Spectra list now shows notes from recent polar points if spectra do not have notes defined.
Misc minor bug fixes/tweaks.
1.6 03/10/2016 2 Feature release:
Spectrum display can now be zoomed and panned just like the polar chart.
The UI Javascript & CSS files are now cached in the browser which makes subsequent reloads of the UI much quicker.
1.5-1 29/09/2016 3 Fix bugs in calculation of balance weight amounts which are displayed when prop balancing.
Don't allow the number of weight sites to be less than 3.
Don't allow the default job to be renamed (but it can be copied or deleted).
Add new spectrum line labels feature.
Fix problem with move line tick labels that sometimes caused too many digits to be shown.
1.4 07/08/2016 1 Fix issue with browser back button & modal dialog.
Fix issue with job options sometimes not being saved before connection is closed.
Now indicates progress when saving/restoring job data to/from zip files.
Misc minor tweaks and fixes.
1.3 13/07/2016 2 Polar, spectrum & waveform images no longer have transparent backgrounds.
Polar chart visual tweaks.
Added menu to set spectrum display vertical scaling.
When changing job, the job name list can now be sorted either alphabetically or by job age.
Job data zip file names now include the current date/time.
Misc other invisible tweaks and fixes.
1.2 20/06/2016 2 Added low battery indication.
Inhibit firmware upload when battery is low.
Added points table to printed polar chart.
Points and spectra list improvements.
Browser back button no longer exits UI.
Misc tweaks and fixes.
1.1 22/05/2016 Initial release.
CPU Firmware Updates
Version Date Level Highlights Download
1.3 16/02/2017 2 Fixed bug that could corrupt the polar angle when using the capture button while the UI was connected.
Misc minor tweaks and fixes.
1.2 20/06/2016 1 Added low battery detection. pb4-1.2.fw
1.1 22/05/2015 Initial release.
Wi-Fi Firmware Updates
Version Date Level Highlights Download
1.3.0-3/5/2/5 10/05/2016 Initial release.

Please contact support@smartavionics.com if you have any queries regarding upgrading the PB-4 firmware.

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