Dynamic Propeller Balancer

The benefits of having your propeller dynamically balanced are well known. Unfortunately, until the earlier PB‑1 was released, the equipment required to do the job had been too expensive for individuals or even small groups to consider purchasing.

Over the years, Smart Avionics has produced a series of low-cost dynamic propeller balancer products specifically designed with the homebuilder in mind. The aim has always been to provide products that are not only capable of achieving a great balance quality but are also easier to use and less costly than any other product available.
PB-1 (2004-2007) PB-2 (2008-2011) PB-3 (2011-)
PB-1 PB-2 PB-3

In terms of achievable balance quality, all these products are similar – they differ most in the refinement of their user interfaces.

The PB‑1 and PB‑2 were both equipped with an LCD display and keypad. The PB‑3 has a radically different user interface; it doesn't have one! Instead, the PB‑3 uses Bluetooth® to talk to an Android™ smartphone (or tablet) and that provides the user interface through an "app".

PB-1 Display PB-2 Display PB-3 Display
PB-1 PB-2 PB-3
The PB-1 is no longer available (still supported) The PB-2 is no longer available (still supported, its product page is here) The PB-3 product page is here

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