PB-4 Viewer / Simulator + Tutorials


The online viewer provides a very similar user interface to the normal PB-4 UI but you do not need to switch the PB-4 on once the job data has been saved from the PB-4 onto a computer (pc/laptop). Simply save the job data from the PB-4 into a file on your computer (files are normally named pb4-data-jobname-date.zip) and then open the viewer which can be found at www.smartavionics.com/pb4/viewer/viewer.html.

PB-4 Viewer

Click the Load Job button and select the job data file you wish to view.

PB-4 Viewer

Once the job data has been loaded into the viewer, you may look at the polar chart and spectra, edit move lines, change the job name and save the results back to another data file.

Offline Viewer

The viewer can now also be installed on your computer and loaded into your browser without requiring an Internet connection. Simply unzip the viewer.zip file and open viewer.html in your web browser (Typing Ctrl-O in the browser should pop up a dialog that lets you choose a local HTML file to open).



The online viewer includes a simulated vibration source so you can use it as a training tool to practice propeller or rotor balancing without actually using a PB-4 (or even an aircraft!)

These tutorials explain how the PB-4 is used to balance a propeller or rotor.

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