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February 2021 - Even though Brexit and the pandemic have slowed operations, Smart Avionics is still in business.

September 2018 - The viewer has been enhanced to provide a simulation of the PB-4 so it is now also a great training tool for learning about propeller and rotor balancing. Step by step tutorials are provided to get you up to speed.

June 2018 - new PB-4 online viewer lets you view previously captured data without the need to have access to a PB-4.

January 2017 - Happy New Year! - news about Smart Avionics products (SW updates, etc.) will now be announced on G+ and Twitter so follow either of those if you wish to be informed about new releases.

December 2016 - the PB-3 is no longer being manufactured. Naturally, all existing units will continue to be supported.

August 2016 - moved the SmartASS demo videos to You Tube so they should now be watchable on any device.

May 2016 - Available from July, the PB-4 is the next generation propeller/rotor balancer from Smart Avionics.

Product highlights are:

November 2015 - Magni Gyro have ordered another batch of PB-3s.

September 2015 - A French customer who flies a CH 7 helicopter made this video to show the results after balancing the rotor with a PB-3.

September 2015 - Smart Avionics is very pleased to annouce that the famous Italian gyroplane manufacturer Magni Gyro has chosen to use the PB-3 for rotor balancing in their European maintenance centres.

February 2015 - Smart Avionics has provided Solar Flight with a PB-3, now they can really experience low vibration, electric powered flight!

December 2014 - New product now available, Rotor Tip LEDs.

August 2014 - The SmartASS-3 is now available.

July 2014 - Flight testing of the SmartASS-3 has been interrupted due to necessary maintenance on the test aircraft but it will resume soon. More info on the SmartASS-3 including a draft copy of the manual can be found here.

June 2014 - Many thanks to David Joyce for advocating the SmartASS-3 in his Stall/Spin article in the LAA magazine. It's currently being flight tested and should be available around the end of the month. If you are interested in obtaining one, please email sales and you will be notified when it is available. First come, first served.

January 2014 - The CSC-1 and the MPS-1 have been discontinued - existing units will be supported for the foreseeable future.

November 2013 - Version 2.1 of the PB-3 software is released - it features numerous improvements including support for rotor balancing.

November 2013 - Congratulations to the team at e-Go aeroplanes on achieving first flight - the prototype aircraft carries a signal conditioning and data logging system custom built by Smart Avionics to match their requirements.

September 2013 - The SmartASS and the Airspeed Monitor have now been discontinued (their replacement is currently being developed and, if all goes to plan, it will be available in Q1 2014).

July 2013 - OK, the recession is over (optimism) so shipping charges have been reinstated (but they are still less than cost)

February 2013 - Recession special! All products are now shipped for free to any destination.

September 2011 - You can follow Smart Avionics on .

May 2011 - You can now follow Smart Avionics' product and support anouncements on Twitter Follow
    smartavionics on Twitter (low volume).

May 2011 - A new propeller balancer product will soon be available, see here for details.

April 2011 - Spring cleaned the website!

March 2011 - Here's an interesting Jabiru powered aircraft recently fitted with a CSC-1/G & Woodcomp feathering prop.

December 2010 - Price of PB-2 generously reduced - also, don't forget that VAT will be 20% from January

April 2010 - Due to the excessive cost of card processing, Credit/Debit cards are no longer accepted for payment.

Feb 2010 - The source code for the SmartASS has been released under the GPL.

May 2009 - No news apart from the fact that business has been good so far this year.

December 2008 - VAT reduced to 15%.

August 2008 - Added SmartASS simulated approach video.

July 2008 - The sturdy (but elegant), LOM engined, SpeedTwin is now flying with GT variable pitch feathering propellers and Smart Avionics CSC-1/G controllers.

April 2008 - Smart Avionics can now accept direct payment by credit or debit card.

March 2008 - The PB-2 is now available.

January 2008 - The Airspeed Monitor is released.

December 2007 - From now on, only UPS is recommended for shipping to non-UK destinations.

November 2007 - Not much to report except that development of the PB-2 Propeller Balancer is progressing and it is still on-track to be available early in 2008.

March 2007 - SmartASS Mk2 released

February 2007 - CSC-1/G now compatible with the feathering version of the Woodcomp SR3000 SR3000 SR3000 Feathered

January 2007 - You can now send Instant Messages to Smart Avionics using either Google Talk or any Jabber client - details at bottom of page.

January 2007 - Production of the PB-1 has now stopped.

October 2006 - CSC-1 now supports Jabiru engine %power display.

October 2006 - last few PB-1 units now available for 650 GBP (+ shipping) - a bargain price for a brand new propeller balancer with full warranty.

August 2006 - CSC-1, PB-1 and SmartASS reduced in price.

July 2006 - sorry, the PB-1 can no longer be sold in the EU because it is not RoHS compliant (the RoHS directive doesn't apply to the other products).

March 2006 - at long last, production of the CSC-1 has been resumed - sorry for the delay.

Feburary 2006 - a new PB-1 software release is available along with an updated user manual - details are here.

January 2006 - due to a shortage of enclosures, production of the CSC-1 is temporarily suspended.

August 2005 - the 'SmartASS' Air Speed Speaker is announced.

July 2005 - the CSC-1 is awarded the Swalesong trophy at the 2005 PFA rally (more below).

May 2005 - sales of the PB-1 in the USA are now handled by Eggenfellner Aircraft Inc.

December 2004 - products can now be purchased using PayPal.

September 2004 - propeller balancer enhanced to provide spectrum analysis mode.

July 2004 - dynamic propeller balancer now available.

March 2004 - CSC-1/P can now be used with PV55.

October 2003 - generic version of the CSC-1 announced.

January 2003 - first products announced.

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